I come from a whole generation of women who claimed their power in the world in a way our mothers weren't able to. Girls born in the 60s, 70s and 80s had opportunities that weren't available to the women who raised us.

We didn't have female role models about how to be powerful in the world - we had male role models - our fathers, our bosses, our teachers.

So we learned to be powerful the masculine way - striving and competing and pushing aside aside our emotional needs, physical needs and intuitive wisdom.

In my 20s and early 30s I was a successful barrister. I made myself hard to succeed in that masculine dominated environment.

My intimate relationships weren’t great. Relationships don't thrive with two masculine energies competing for supremacy.



In my 30s I routinely forced myself to get up at 6 am for a bootcamp exercise class even when I had my period - because i thought that to skip it would be "weak". I forced my body to do things that weren't good for me. My body wisdom was crying out for me to rest. I overrode it - and ended up with permanently damaged knees. I learned the hard way to listen to that quiet inner voice of wisdom.

Maybe you can relate – you too have lived a life in which you have strived for success and power – at the expense of your happiness, relationship and sex life.

I work with many successful women in my coaching practice who are struggling with their energy levels, adrenal fatigue, relationship, sex, and fertility issues.

The irony is we really can have both - the professional success and the love. We just can't do it the masculine way. And no one has shown us another path, until now.

Abandoning the structured, logical path for the intuitive path took me from lawyer to a life of adventure,  study and travel including living in Peru for a year with the Shipibo tribe (who honour the Divine Feminine), and becoming a certified somatic sexologist and sex educator.

I learned that our true power is birthed in a tender, vulnerable part of us - one that has been deeply buried in the name of being "strong" and not "weak" – the strength that is our Feminine energy.

This is where I now lead women – onto this path of feminine power through my unique coaching method, The Aphrodite Method.  You can find out more about that here (link to Work With Me page).

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