3 Days To Awaken Your Aphrodite Energy

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I'm Bridget Ferguson, Relationship and Feminine Empowerment Coach. I was once a successful barrister "living the dream" with a big house, new car and barrister boyfriend - AND I was stressed, exhausted, and unhappy.  I felt disconnected from my partner, our sex life was non-existent - and I had no idea how to fix it. 

Now in my coaching practice and workshops,  I continually meet professional women who are highly stressed, chronically tired, not having sex and either dissatisfied with their relationship or not finding time for one.

Why Aphrodite?

Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love, Sex, Beauty and Creativity – and she has been my inspiration to help hundreds of women step into a whole new level of vitality, love and happiness by awakening their magnetic feminine power!  

Aphrodite represents the inner union of masculine and feminine energies  – she is focused, powerful, autonomous and effective in the world. She is also a wife, lover and mother, she is sexually awake, powerful and free, she embodies her sensuality, she is a charismatic and persuasive communicator – AND she is revered for her wisdom, being the most ancient of the Goddesses. 

It's this union that holds the key to stepping into your full power in all aspects of your life, including in your relationship and sex life.  For most women that means reawakening your magnetic feminine power and learning to use that with the support of your inner yang qualities.

In these 3 short videos, I'll be sharing simple practices to Awaken your Aphrodite Energy so that you can let go of stress, embody your natural sexual energy, and reconnect with your partner (or magnetise him if you are currently single).

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