The Most Effective Personal Growth Tool You Will Ever Need

You’ve done a million workshops and courses, you’ve read the self-help books, you say the affirmations, you write your gratitude journal, do your yoga practice, listen to Abraham Hicks; you manifest and meditate. 

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And somewhere in there you find time to earn a living, have a family life, and maybe even a social life – at the end of the day you are exhausted just by the sheer effort of trying to hold it all together, as well as be the best possible version of you.

I totally get it. I was a perfectionist - and later graduated to self-development junkie.   As a child, I was studious and good.  I excelled at school and went on to become a barrister.  I pushed myself to succeed in a man’s world.  Successes barely registered – a few minutes of satisfaction before the anxiety of the next case began. Failures on the other hand were worried over for weeks.

The death of my father kick-started a soul urge for something very different – for an exploration of self which became a spiritual journey - yet still with that flavour of striving to be perfect.  

I left my legal career,  I studied, meditated, went on silent vipassana retreats, spent months in the Amazon jungle taking mind altering plant medicine.  I went on a deep sexual awakening journey through tantra and sacred sexuality courses.  I emerged as a somatic sexologist and relationship coach. And still this urge to be better continued – the not good enough voice, the one more course to complete, the striving and pushing to be more.

I recall the epiphany that shifted my perspective. 

I was coaching student sexologists on their intensive training.  Part of my role was to participate in the activities when needed.  I had just received an intimate body work session and was lying on the massage table in a meditative state.   There was a sense of something emotional stirring, but I didn’t feel tearful – or really anything much – it was just a subtle nudge of something deep within.  I could hear the sounds of completion all around me, our facilitator prompting us to gather in a circle. 

Out of nowhere, a deep and strong energy moved through me, rocking my body and from the depths of my being a howl emerged that was long, guttural, earth shattering, other worldly. 

A full minute passed before it was complete. It came in waves. A hush fell over the room, a stillness descended. I felt a deep peace in my being. Then ecstasy bubbling up; laughter.

In that stillness a KNOWING emerged - there is nothing to improve, nowhere to go, nothing to achieve.  I only need my own acceptance.  My own love.  My own compassion.   

I was bathed in it – acceptance and love coming from within.   

Have I now let go of my rituals and routines, yoga practice and meditations?  No – yet now there's more gentleness to my routine.  This softening is my practice - and yes often I slip back into pushing and striving – it’s a deeply held pattern! Not just my own – but a collective one. 

I remind myself to treat myself as I would my own child – with deep acceptance, love, compassion and gentleness.

I wonder, with curiosity rather than striving, what is there to discover today in this body; in this life?

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