Are You Worried About Never Meeting Your Soulmate?

Are you single? You're successful, you have great friends, and a fully functioning life...AND you never seem to meet the right partner?

You are not alone.  There are more single people in the world than ever before.  91 million people in the world today are using online dating apps (61 million of them men - so if you are a single woman wanting to meet a man, they are out there!).

10 years ago I was living in Sydney, and I was unhappily single.

I had no male friends, no one ever asked me out on a date, and I wasn't meeting men I was attracted to.

Eventually I tried online dating - and the story was much the same...the one man I was really interested in cancelled our date before we even met.  So I had some miserable, dull, tense, uninspiring, stressful, tiring dates - and after a few weeks gave up.

I was convinced there was everything wrong with my external circumstances - all my friends were talking about how there were no decent available men in Sydney.  Even the media were jumping on the scarcity bandwagon with articles appearing in newspapers and magazines confirming our worst fears that single women were doomed.   During this time a friend moved 4000km to escape this Sydney based man drought - only she didn't meet her man in her new city either.

It didn't occur to me - or my friends - to look within at our internal circumstances.

After several years in Sydney I went through a significant transformation which altered my life path forever - I discovered tantra and sacred sexuality and experienced a profound sexual awakening.  

Suddenly my world seemed to be full of interesting, desirable, single men - who were interested in me!

I have lived in 4 different locations since then - different cities, countries, and towns with very different demographics - and in each one this belief amongst women has persisted that there are no available men.  Interesting that I often meet single men struggling to meet a partner too....

My beliefs had been shaping my experience of reality. 

This is just one of the mistakes single women make which sabotages their relationship dreams - and which I'll be unravelling in my free online training next week The 3 Massive Mistakes Professional Single Women Make That Keep Them Struggling To Meet Their Soulmate.  If you would like to join this free transformational training, you can sign up here.

I am passionate about sharing the tools I have learned - so others have an easier path to love! See you there :)