One Simple Step to Profound Positive Change....


It's been an intense and tumultuous year for many, me included.

In the last 3 months I was grieving the loss of a relationship.  There was so much pain in this loss, I circled with it for weeks not moving forward, crying a LOT, agonising in my mind over potential solutions (none were forthcoming) - circling round and round with it, torturing myself, my heart aching.  

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And then one evening I caught myself in this cycle - I was at the beach walking at the edge of the water as the sun went down, the sky a soft pink-grey, the wind persistent in my ears, once again feeling the tears coming and my heart aching. My mind had started up again, going over what had happened, how it could have been different but wasn't, what I was making that mean ("I am not loved; I am not supported; I am always alone").

 I suddenly saw myself doing this familiar tortuous cycle. And I chose to STOP.  

I chose something different. I chose to let go of the circling and to let go of the beliefs that were hurting me. I chose to let go of trying to work it out.  

And instead I chose to trust.  

I chose different thoughts.  How did I do that?  I said to myself (out loud) "It is safe for me to trust".  "It is safe for me to let it go".  "It is safe for me to let this situation go to spirit".  

With these new thoughts came a feeling of deep peace in my body.  

I don't have to work it all out. I don't have to carry all of this. I can simply trust and hand it over and keep on going with my life, creating what I love, connecting with people I love - and trust in the unfolding of my soul's dream.

Have I done any circling with unhelpful thoughts since then? Yep :) Those habits are deeply ingrained, whether they are beliefs around love, or work, or purpose - they all come down to a version of "I'm not good enough".  Every friend and client I know has their version of it going on.  But we all have a choice. And having made that choice in the middle of a very painful situation, it has become so much easier for me to make it again - and so much easier to me to step out of that cycle and choose something different. 

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To change my thoughts.  One simple step to profound and positive change. 

Give it a go :)