3 Reasons You're Struggling To Meet Your Soulmate

I spent large chunks of my early to mid thirties single and frustrated.

I really wanted a loving, committed relationship and couldn't understand why I never seemed to meet men I was interested in - or in fact any men at all. Almost all my friends were women, I never got asked out on dates, and no one even flirted with me.  My self-esteem wasn't great, and I felt really unlucky. I had no idea that I was the author of my own circumstances.

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It wasn't until I had a sexual and spiritual awakening that my blocks to relationship shifted.

So where had I been going wrong?  

There are 3 massive mistakes many single women make that keep them struggling to meet their soulmate:

  1. Low self-worth.  There are many ways this shows up.  Here are just a few of them:
  • Not prioritising self-care - so not looking after your health, body, emotional well-being; not making time for relaxation, fun and play
  • Not receiving touch - either from another through massage or hugs; or from yourself. Self-pleasuring when you are single is so important to keep your sexual energy flowing - and to receive a regular hit of oxytocin (the feel-good hormone released at orgasm)
  • Fear of intimacy - subconsciously avoiding relationships because you are scared of the vulnerability of real intimacy, physical or emotional (or both)
  • Sabotaging potentially great relationships because you are suspicious of anyone who shows interest in you
  • Choosing unhealthy relationships (eg being lied to, left or cheated on) because that's your comfort zone

2.  Reinforcing thoughts and beliefs that create an experience you don't want

I hear so many women say that there are no good, single men left. The media loves to support this story.  In almost every place I have lived - big cities, small towns, different countries - I have heard this myth perpetuated. Stop telling yourself this.  It becomes your experience of reality.

3. Trying to make it happen with the mind

Love is not a problem to be solved, or a puzzle to be worked out.

Trying to work it out with the mind makes it a struggle - lists and logic are not helpful here. Many women have lost touch with their feminine wisdom - which lies in the body's messages not the mind's.  

Get back in touch with your body wisdom - and let got of the struggle. 

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