Self-Love is the New Sexy

Have you ever stopped to listen to the constant internal dialogue that’s going on in your mind?

I’m so stupid! If only I hadn’t…I would have got the promotion

I’m so useless – we'd still be together if only I had...

I should have lost weight then I could have.…

Maybe you’ve done loads of personal development work. So now the flavour of your inner critic is more along the lines of:

I shouldn’t talk so negatively to myself!

I should be able to accept my body as it is!

I should have done my meditation this morning!

Our mindset and our inner critic alters our experience of life. And to create a mindset that helps rather than hinders us, we need self-love.

Self-love is not the act of becoming ego centric. It is the act of bringing compassion to yourself. So when your child or friend is hurting, you comfort them right? You remind them of who they really are – that they are amazing and capable and that they are not defined by this event or day that has knocked them down.

Self-love is the act of doing that for ourselves.

Yet as the above examples show, it’s usually not just a case of deciding to be different. It takes practice, and that practice happens not in the mind but in the body.

We need to strengthen our self-love muscle so that it’s strong enough to spot the inner critic at work and not identify with it. It will still be there, doing its thing, but its voice will stop having authority.

So how do we do that?

By consciously choosing self-love as a practice - by doing body based practices so it becomes habitual and the inner critic loses its power.

If you would like some simple practices to follow, you can join my 7 Steps to Self-Love here. It’s free and it’s fun! Click here:

Self-Love is the new sexy :)