The Truth on Trust

I used to torture myself in new relationships – COULD I TRUST THIS MAN? WAS HE GOING TO BETRAY ME? I was equally unsure when making big decisions, agonizing about whether I would make the right one. 

And then I realized one day that my uncertainty and insecurity came not from the situations and relationships I was in - it came from within. 

It’s so easy to look outside of ourselves and seek safety in a relationship, job, or situation – rather than looking within for safety.

When I’m tuning in – to my own intuition and my own body wisdom – and TRUSTING it, I am guided. I get clarity. I know what to trust, what to allow into my life, which situations to walk away from.  My mind still sends me into crazy-land if I let it – but if I take the time to tune into my body, that creates inner calm – and I begin to trust myself again.

Fear still comes up, But I don’t become the fear. My inner compass stays steady. Even when (to my mind) a person or a situation doesn’t look how it “should”. If the situation or person is trustworthy, my inner compass knows - and trusts.

So if you are single and wanting a relationship based on trust – start developing trust in yourself.

And if you’re in a relationship that feels like it lacks trust, go within. Find your inner trust, and you’ll find your way through to clarity.