Do You Have The Courage To Be An Intimacy Warrior?

Loving someone is a courageous business. Most of us want true deep love and intimacy in our lives, and when it's absent, imagine it coming wrapped up in a comfy blanket, with some organic chocolate and rose petals on the side.  

In truth, love is a messier business more like open heart surgery.

Because it IS open heart surgery. There is no intimacy without vulnerability. Intimacy demands that we let our guard down. We take off the safety brake.  We reveal our tender heart, hoping that it will be met with love and tenderness. But love is always a risk.  It doesn't come with any guarantees - even the "lifetime" guarantee of marriage now lasts less than 9 years on average.

Many hopeful couples go through the wedding ceremony declaring til death us do part, because they really want a signed, sealed and delivered safety contract.

It's an illusion of safety.  Love is a warrior's path.  My own exploration into intimacy lately has at times shaken me to the core. A whole day (of potential productivity!) lost feeling dizzy, tender, and raw. Intimacy strips away our veils and invites us to live more fully and vibrantly.

And it's a fine line between courage and foolhardiness.

Heart break can leave us overly cautious.  And wondering why we are not meeting a gorgeous partner effortlessly and joyfully! That invisible armour is doing its job effectively. There ARE ways to attract in new love and intimacy without risking total annihilation.  And yes you still have to be vulnerable - this is not the comfy blanket side road ;) I'm running a free online workshop on this topic. You can register here: