The Power of Aphrodite – How the Goddess of Love Can Help Us Revolutionize Valentine’s Day

I always hated Valentine’s Day.  I can count on one hand the number of cards I have received in my life.  Hallmark was not generous with me.  I got over it – but it took me a couple of decades.   

I started longing for a Valentine’s card when I was 12, brainwashed into believing my worth as a blossoming woman would be confirmed if I received a mysterious card in the mail.  At 14, I did receive my first (unsigned) card.  My mother insisted on discovering the mystery lover's identity by tracing the footsteps in the snow to my next door neighbor's door.  Humiliation ruined the short lived thrill of this Valentine's initiation.


 The longed for Valentines Card....

The longed for Valentines Card....

In my twenties during the single years, 14th February haunted me.  I hid at home, staying away from restaurants and bars full of loved up couples.  I felt like a failure.

In my thirties I joined the Valentine’s Day club – and to my surprise it wasn’t fun! I received the over-priced red rose, the fluffy bunny card with Hallmark poem and joined the crowds with my then beloved in our favorite restaurant. It was not the usual relaxed and cosy place.  No - it was filled with the tense vibe of a showy celebration masking deep cracks in relationship heaven – our own included.

It’s time for this celebration of love to go through a revolution – one which invites everyone woman, regardless of her relationship status, to freely celebrate the awesomeness of love in all its forms.

It's time to call on Aphrodite – the feminine archetype of relationship and love.  Her son was Eros (also known as Cupid). 

How can she free us from the constraints of convention that this celebration forces upon us?

The fully awakened Aphrodite is a wise woman – a woman completely at ease in her body.  She celebrates her beauty (rather than exploits it), she expresses her sexuality openly (rather than suppressing it), she doesn’t need the approval stamp of marriage or a conventional relationship to freely and generously express her gifts for compassionate, heart-centered, loving and relating.  She fully owns and expresses her immense feminine power.  

She encourages us to truly love ourselves – our bodies, our sexuality, our sensuality, our pleasure, and our delight in love and life.  She invites us to slip on our sexiest dress and throw a party of sensual delights, with a feast fit for queens - and art, creativity, delicious conversation and love to share.

She is the embodiment of the sacred feminine. 

And yet today her sacred gifts generally go unseen - or are misunderstood. At best she is revered for her surface beauty - represented by celebrities and models.  At worst, her gift of sexual expression is distorted and exploited (through the porn industry) or suppressed (through censorship), such is her immense power.  Even today she’s a threat to the long realm of patriarchy.

It’s time for us to reclaim our inner Awakened Aphrodite – this cultured, discerning, sexy, beautiful, sensual and truly free part of ourselves.  And what better day to do so than Valentine’s Day?

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