I am passionate about helping you to experience joy, freedom and true love in your life.

I want you to feel safe, supported and inspired in your relationships.

In the years of searching and disappointment, busyness and disconnection, I finally found freedom,
fulfillment and joy - through truly trusting and loving myself. 

When you start to believe in yourself and listen to your soul, the lovesupport and connection
you have been seeking with another will be right there - IN YOU.  


I specialize in transformation through embodied learning – it is one thing to know and understand a concept or method for change, it is quite another to experience and integrate that in the body, where real change happens. 

You can work with me one on one through my individually designed intensive coaching packages, or through one of my group coaching programs.

This is your opportunity for lasting transformation in your life and your relationships through a unique coaching style that is embodied, heart-centred, and intuitive. 

If you are single - 

I can help you avoid the disappointment of soul-crushing dating experiences - and help you attract true connection, love and respect.   Learn the keys to building the foundation on which a relationship with intimacy, trust and passion can flourish:

 Learn how to:

  • Really know your worth – not because of what you do and achieve, but simply BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE
  • Invest in fulfilling your dreams (rather than putting this off until you are in your dream relationship)
  • Create healthy boundaries – know when it is really appropriate to let someone into your life and intimate space
  • Connect to your feminine energy – the doorway to your intuition and natural wisdom. 
  • Learn to listen to your body's messages – and trust and act on them. 


If you are in a committed relationship -

And feel disconnected from your partner, I can help you rediscover the intimate, loving connection you once had.  

Learn how to:

  • Communicate your needs in a way that honours and respects your partner – and gets your needs heard and met
  • Build intimacy in your whole relationship, not just through sex
  • Improve sexual intimacy and connection
  • Build trust
  • Reignite passion
  • Be both vulnerable and empowered in your relationship

If it’s time to focus on your sexuality…..

Sometimes sex is the elephant in the room. You know that there are sexual issues that are affecting your life or relationship in significant ways – you just don’t know how to address them.  If you want to develop a healthier sexual relationship with yourself and/or your partner in a safe and supportive environment, I can help you. 


This work has been a springboard for significant and beautiful change in my life. Bridget’s sessions are full of space, lightness and humour.  She is extremely down to earth, gentle and intuitive. I definitely recommend her as a wonderful guide and teacher. AB, Melbourne, Australia


Bridget's work is remarkable. She provided me with a clear, experiential framework to confront my own deep seated issues around self-love and sexuality.   Ian, Auckland, NZ


My session with Bridget was truly profound. I highly recommend working with Bridget. Whatever your challenge I have no doubt she can share with you the safe and loving space needed to be fully embodied. Her presence is truly a gift to the world. Thanks Bridget!  M.D Melbourne, Australia


Not SURE where to begin? Let's have a chat to clarify how i can best help you: